AngelMoms’ Privacy Settings: What You Need to Know

Welcome to Angel Moms!

It’s a pleasure to have you here, and we hope you find this space useful and uplifting.

Privacy 101

The first things to know about privacy on AngelMoms are:

  1. The website and all of its contents are password protected.
  2. You control the privacy settings of everything that you share.
  3. The privacy of each thing you share can be tailored, or changed, to suit your needs/goals.
  4. Currently, anyone can create an account, thus anyone can see what you share—if you were to set your posts to “Public” or “All Members.”

Since #3 seems the most important to all, we’ll begin there:

Each time you create a post or update with something you wish to share, you have the option to change the privacy settings on it.

1. You can set a post to be seen by “Public”

This is the most public and least private of all of our settings. It means your post will be visible (in theory) to anyone, on or off of the website. AngelMoms is not indexed by Google and other search engines, and it is available only to members with a username and password, and that means what you share “publicly” would still only be visible to others Angel Moms. But, please remember, anyone anywhere can create a log on pretty easily.

Update February 17, 2023: We decided today to make a preview of AngelMoms available to whomever wishes to see it (prior to inviting the first members in). That means posts shared with the “Public” setting are viewable by anyone online who visits Posts set for “All Members” are viewable only to others with an account. The “My Connections” option allows your posts to be viewable only by people you’ve accepted connection requests from, thus provides a good option for privacy.

2. You can set a post to be seen by “All Members”

This would allow anyone who is a member of Angel Moms to see and reply to what you share. 

3. You can set a post to be seen only by your connections.

Connections are created by visiting an Angel Mom’s profile, and hitting the “connect” button. When that user accepts your connection request, they are now one of your “My Connections.” If you wanted to share only with people you know personally, this privacy setting could be a good choice.

4. You can post something to be seen only by the members of a specific group.

Any user can create a group, and then control who is a member of that group. You could then share something that is visible only to the members of your group.

(It’s important also to know that a Group’s privacy settings can also be controlled.)

You can also share something with yourself alone.

We May Begin an “Approval Process” for New Members

If members vote on it, in a poll we will later conduct, we could implement some sort of vetting or approval process, so that not everyone can just sign up and be granted access to the site.

This would be a difficult process to control or get right, but it is probably an option if it is of interest to the community.

General privacy and system security

Our computer system.

The AngelMoms platform (website) makes use of a program that is in use by a huge number of content creators, universities, course sellers, and others with very visible public profiles and large followings. As such, we believe it has great privacy control as it is.

Our website hosting.

The AngelMoms platform (website) is hosted with a company called WPEngine. It is considered to be state-of-the-art website hosting and it too is in use by a massive number of large companies, including National Geographic, DropBox, UnderArmour, Reuters, SoundCloud, AMD, HelloFresh, and many more.


Each user has control over the privacy of what they share.

Privacy may not be as big of a concern as I think it is, but if it is and if it’s important to you, I believe you can rest assured that we’ve ensured this space is safe and secure.

If you ever have questions or concerns about privacy on AngelMoms, please don’t hesitate to reach out via the Tech Support Forum or by commenting below.

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