Yes, I lost my son to Fentanyl.  Yes, I have a broken heart – forever – as long as I am alive.  Yes, I am angry that this happened to my son, to my family and I am so angry this this has happened and so angry that it continues to happen.  

No, I will never be the same person.  I try, but I know, I will never be the same person.  I will never get over the loss of my son.  Never – ever.  But, I will continue to be the best daughter to my loving mother, the best mother to my other two beautiful children and the best MiMi to my precious granddaughters.  

That being said, I will never lose sight of the blessings I have in my life.   Every day I am blessed to have my family, my friends (old and new Angel Moms) and my health.  I will continue to be very thankful and feel most blessed.

I am new to all of this.  I am new to the sadness that makes me crumple at times.  I am new to advocating for a cause, especially one that continues to cause death and grief amongst so many young families.  I am new to sharing my sadness that hits at a moments notice.  I am new to writing, especially a blog of all things!!!  I am not used to putting myself out there but here I am.  Putting myself out there in hopes of helping other grieving moms, or dads, siblings, partners, anyone that has lost a loved one to Fentanyl poisonings.  And I only refer to Fentanyl poisonings because that is what consumes my life right now.  Helping raise awareness to stop the senseless poisonings and murders from Fentanyl.

But, I will never lose sight of the many blessings I have had, will have and still do have.  

Feeling very blessed…..Carilu

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