I wish this site didn’t exist…. so no lives would have been lost.

So sad seeing all the love these boys and girls left behind for others to see. I left Dallas due to all the black tar heroin deaths in Plano years ago. I spent time with many of the parents in an effort to be able to convey the pain to young persons as well as their families and friends, most tried to save them from the drug or drugs that one day would catch up with them and they would end in a box like so many others.

This  silent epidemic takes them away before we can help them. Their ‘friends’ so called – are no where around when we lose one.

I lived in Arizona for the past 12 years. I was trying to get away from Dallas and the madness here of drugs and violence. I moved there with awe it was so different and beautiful in the desert mountainscape all around the city of Tucson.

Then the peaceful old Tucson started melting away right before my eyes. First the hippies left for California. There went the potluck parties, the fire dancing and the drumming circles. So different from Dallas FW.

But slowly meth became very visible, first it was supposedly isolated to one part of midtown over on Prince Rd and Oracle if you know where that is. 

Then more and more of them started showing up around town. They call them ‘tweakers’ because they’re always twitching, their mouth, their throat muscles, they run around in circles and then they stand there crying because they say they are trying so hard to please me.  Which of course they never do because they are being controlled by the drug. Meth made me sick to think about it and all the lives that were on it.

Then the traffic from the border started to really infiltrate the once peaceful community. It was Fentanyl. No matter what you hear here in Dallas, at the Nogales border millions (yes millions) of fentanyl pills come across carried by usually a 17 year old kid trying to make a fast buck, not realizing all the people he’ll kill someday. 

Every day more and more pills were confiscated at the border. But every day it never slowed down, there were no lessons being learned.

So I started creating visual graphics out of all weather super durable vinyl which instead of showing a picture of a person I wanted to show the reality of drugs, especially Fentanyl. I hate that drug with all my passion.

I mean Tucson and Phoenix became a hub for Fentanyl, a major major point to redistribute it all over the state, Texas, NM, Colorado, California and all the other points that were now craving them.

I am hoping we can work together to collaborate on the various sides of this horrible waste of our young children and others as well. No one escapes these treacherous drugs.

The reason I create such bold and horrible graphics is to wake up others when they are in a dark place. I want them to see where they are heading or have landed in order to PREVENT others from following in their footsteps.

My plan is to collaborate with drug and addiction  prevention any and all members of the community affected.

Please contact me if you would like to hold a group meeting and work together to reach more persons who need to know we care.

I’ve been in prevention for the last 40 years and I’m here help.

I’m a graphic designer that is also founder of 501c3 Bajito Onda Foundation.

A reference site is www.BajitoOnda2ndChance.com 

Many Blessings and Hope for Healing,

Del Hendrixson Jr

Office now on Mapleshade Ln in the Caddo Building – Plano



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