New: Write Your Own Stories, Blogs, Articles

Users who are interested in doing so may now write and publish their own stories, blogs, or articles on AngelMoms.

The set up for doing so is very simple:

— Navigate to your “Profile,
— Then to “Blog” (which appears along the top, under your profile picture)
— And, under Blog, click “
Add New Post.”

This opens up a new screen which is also pretty intuitive:

  • Add a title and type your text or story.
  • Add photos if you wish to.
  • Save article as a draft, or press publish.
  • (You can edit or revise after publishing, too.)

“Blogs” may be a great place to share stories of loved ones lost to fentanyl, and the requests to have a platform where these stories can be shared is actually why we’ve added the feature.

Blogs may also be a great place to share advice for others.

As always, write whatever you want, or nothing at all.

A few things to remember:

  •  Blogs are public; everyone can see them.
  • You can add images throughout blogs. Use the “+” sign.
  • The Pen icon next to Preview allows you to set a “featured image” and to assign your article to an article category.
  • If a blog is deleted, any photos that were uploaded and used in the blog are also deleted.
  • The 5 latest blogs are shown on the homepage. If a user has written any blogs, you’ll find them under their Profile.
  • Blogs can be commented on, bookmarked, and recommended to others.

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